Sunday, November 9, 2014

Golly - What a Week!

It's been one of 'those' weeks. I won't bore you with the details but if I say 14 hour days and having to cancel social events yesterday just to catch up with everything you'll get the gist.  But yesterday, in the midst of trying to claw my way back to being on top of things again, I did light the fire in the dining room for the first time.

Not only was this the first time of lighting since I'd lived here after renovating it this summer, according to my neighbour it was probably the first time it had been lit in over 20 years.  It was so lovely to have a real fire again.

Over 1/2 term, as well as visiting London,  I did some sewing too, using some of the fabric I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show.  I used the stripey grey linen and viscose fabric to make a tunic top from this pattern by Sew Liberated.

I altered it slightly as I couldn't cope with the fact that the stripes in the fabric didn't line up between the bodice and the skirt (not my fault, it's to do with the pleats), so I added a bias strip over the seam to break the line of vision up.

I also made a denim dress from the Kate dress pattern by Sew Me Something (the same pattern company that I made my reversible skirt from).

I ended up taking the pattern in quite a lot and made it less flared at the bottom.  That's not a fault of the pattern more to do with my pretty much straight up and down shape!

I used grey top stitching thread to give a contrast and eventually got it neat on the pockets by hand stitching the last few stitches as the machine didn't like that many layer of denim.

I'm pleased with it and I'm sure I'll wear it loads.  I will definitely make this pattern again.

I'm hoping for a quieter and less busy week this week!


elaine said...

Oh I love that grey tunic very much - just my sort of thing as for the denim top , well, I hope you find your head soon does beheading run in your family.😄

Toffeeapple said...

The grey stripe is gorgeous and I love the way you added that band, it really does distract the eye.

I hope you life calms down very soon.

Celia Hart said...

Hope this week is less stressful and tiring. The fire looks very cosy, I should think it brings your house to life and your cats will enjoy the warmth.

I'm impressed with the denim dress - very neat stitches and a nice shape.

C xx

freerangegirl said...

Love the tunics - especially the tip stitching on the denim. We lit our fires this week too - winter is coming!

Gina said...

Love your tunic and dress. Wishing you a quieter week.

massofhair said...

Amazing sewing, afraid i'm still on basic squares & trying to sew straight lines. Do like the denim tunic!

Hope your week is quieter and you get chance to breathe... :-) xxx

Anna said...

What a fabulous fire Su. They make you feel warmer more quickly than any radiator ever can. As always your handiwork leaves me in awe. I especially like the tunic.

Jo said...

We only use radiators, though we do have a gas fire, but I'm always envious when I see real fires, they seem so cosy. Love the tunics.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

I do like the grey dress but I Love the denim one, could be tempted! Another for the list.
Lovely to see a real fire. Suzy x

gilly said...

Love your denim Kate dress - it's such a great style, I've made 6 Kates already but they're all different !
Have a happy weekend,
Gilly xx

Annie Cholewa said...

Both the linen and the denim look great! It's years since I've sewn anything for myself, thinking about it I miss doing a spot of dressmaking from time to time.