Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Late November Walk

After what seems like weeks (but probably isn't) of grey days (grey in many meanings) and being stuck inside,  I needed to get out into some fresh air and sunshine so I took myself off on a long walk hoping for some blue skies and late autumn colour.

I went to Marks Hall which is about a 30 min drive from here through beautiful north Essex lanes.

Marks Hall (and yes I've checked and double checked that there shouldn't be an apostrophe there!) is 200 acres of gardens and arboretum.

The reflections in the lake were wonderful.

Along one side of the lake is the Millennium Walk which was planted specifically for autumn, winter and spring interest - there was certainly lots of contrasting colour!

On the opposite side of the lake are the walled gardens, which were sadly shut, but the view through the (locked) gate in the wall revealed that they're still full of structure and interest.

I walked further, through some of the mixed woodland

and came across some pigs munching their way through the undergrowth!

 I passed another gate to the walled gardens, also locked, with tantalising views of the lake though it,

and back to the lake, with more reflections (and water birds).

I got my fresh air and sunshine

and I got my autumn colour.

I walked for much further than this but my camera battery ran out and the photos I took on my phone aren't as good.

Here's hoping for a brighter week, in every sense of the meaning :-)


Celia Hart said...

The white birches and red dogwoods are amazing!

It's ages since we've been there, I think another visit it needed.

And glad you got out in the the sunshine and fresh air xx

elaine said...

What a stunning walk - a perfectly planted place for this time of year - and those dogwoods would brighten up any gloomy day.

Janneke said...

You captured the most beautiful autumn colours at Marks Hall, especially the Millennium Walk, great!

Jo said...

A walk on a sunny day certainly lifts the spirits at this time of year. The colour of those dogwoods are fantastic against the birches, always a wonderful sight in autumn and winter. It's a shame that the walled garden was shut but it's an excuse for a return visit.

Frances said...

Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous place with the rest of us. How grand to have that sunny day to bring out the variety of colors. I cannot quite imagine how many years and how much effort must have gone int creating such views!

And of course, the results look beautifully natural!

That reflecting pond defines the concept. The seasonal plantings along the Millenium Walk are a very good idea.

How funny to come upon those pigs doing their own piggy things!

Hoping that on some of your return visits the enticing walled garden will be open to view, too.

But surely, there were plenty of visual treats this time.


Iz said...

Beautiful - my dogwood isn't red at all! Those ones by the lake are so bright and vivid. It was a sunny weekend, wasn't it? And I was stuck inside for all of it, so thank you for sharing these pics!

Toffeeapple said...

Fabulous pictures, they have brightened a very grey day here. Thank you.

Anna said...

Celia has taken the words out of my mouth - what a glorious combination. Hope that you see some sunshine this weekend Su.

rusty duck said...

Fabulous walk, fresh air and colours aplenty. Love those piggies :)

Anonymous said...

The walled gardens are fabulous in the summer.