Sunday, December 14, 2014

Finally Finished!

This has been the longest knitting project ever.  I started this jumper at the beginning of May, had little break in July whilst I knitted a baby cardigan and by the beginning of August had completed the body (knitted in the round bottom up) up to the division for the sleeves......then I decided it was too small and unravelled the entire thing!

Never mind, I started again and it was all going swimmingly until I tore the tendon in my elbow and was unable to knit at all for several weeks and then only a couple of rows a night for what seemed like forever.

It's a Brooklyn Tweed pattern - Merle, knitted in their Loft yarn - which is very light and airy, and breaks easily if you pull it too hard.  The only adjustment I made to the pattern was that I made the sleeves longer as the pattern was for 3/4 length ones and I decided that in winter I like longer ones.

And today I have finally sewn the last sleeve it - something that had to be done in daylight, one yesterday and one today.

I'm very relieved to have finally finished it - just in time for the cold weather :-)


Marigold Jam said...

It looks lovely.

Toffeeapple said...

Ooh, I like that! What patience you have, frogging then redoing. I would have lengthened the sleeves too.

Frances said...

Your sweater looks grand...making the sleeves longer seems to me to be a very wise discussion.

I love the color of the yarn too. And agree with your description of Loft, a yarn I have also used.

Bravo to you for being able to do some unraveling to get back to a good result.


Celia Hart said...

Well done for preserving! You were right to unravel, the new size fits you perfectly. I've been caught out by Brooklyn Tweed photographing their designs on v slim models - with 5inches of ease, when the pattern instructions only allo 1 inch!
What's the next project?

Anna said...

Oh job well done Su and such perfect timing. Hopefully your elbow is well on the mend now.