Friday, May 29, 2015

A Very Very Special Day

On Wednesday I walked to the cashpoint - nothing really unusual in that, I often walk into Sudbury, but it is a very lovely walk.

I walked along the river edged with froths of cow parsley, to get some cash for a very special day.

Back in December Mum had told us she'd had a special invitation but it wasn't straight forwards as she was also going into hospital in February for a hip replacement operation. Cue master planner (me).  On my weekly visits to North Norfolk to visit them (amongst taking them home cooked meals and cakes, doing the  cleaning, gardening and a miriad of other little things that become big worries when you're elderly) we:
  • bought a dress and I altered it
  • bought a jacket
  • bought a bag and I altered it
  • bought shoes
  • bought a necklace and I altered it
  • hired a suit for Dad and the shop altered it
  • booked a hotel and altered the booking
  • booked a restaurant

Because Mum had been invited by the Queen to a garden party at Buckingham Palace as an acknowledgement of her 20 plus years of volunteering at a local museum, True's Yard (I've never been, must alter that!).

From 6pm I was standing outside the front gates of Buckingham Palace waiting for them.  Dad had been worried I wouldn't find them but I knew I would. 

I spotted them immediately they came out and was so proud - proud of Mum for her volunteering and so proud that she'd been totally determined to recover from the op in order to get there and enjoy it pain free.  

We went for a meal afterwards - a perfect end to a wonderful day, they look so happy :-)


lp_ lisa said...

Oh how lovely! They look so happy in the pics. Well done to you too for being a kind & helpful daughter 😊

Gina said...

That is lovely. You must feel so proud of your Mum. X

Celia Hart said...

I know how daunted they were about the logistics of getting to Buck Palace, so well done for helping to make your Mum's dream come true. I hope your Dad enjoyed it too, he looks very dapper!

Jo said...

You're right, that was a very very special day indeed. I'm so pleased that your mum managed to get there for her special day, poor health affects most of us as we get older, I'm only too aware at the moment with my own mum and dad, so I'm pleased that she got her op out of the way and was well on the road to recovery so that it didn't get in the way of her plans. They both look very smart in the photo and I'm so pleased that your mum's hard work has been recognised in this way.

Mystic Quilter said...

Wonderful for your Mum and she looks lovely in her new outfit!
I must say I do envy you your beautiful walk into Sudbury, another pathway straight out of The Secret Garden!

Frances said...

Yes, Su, I agree about the beauty of that walk into Sudbury.

Your mother and father look splendid in their garden party regalia, and truly fine in the close up double portrait. How wise of the Queen to invite your mother to Buckingham Palace. It also looks as if the weather gods got an invite and helped the party along.

Congratulations to you, too, Su for getting all the party prep so well taken care of.

A Happy Day indeed. xo

Anna said...

Your parents look lovely, what a wonderful, memorable day for them! Well worth all the organising, well done.

Annie Cholewa said...

Congratulations to your mum. It looks like your parents had a fabulous time. And hurrah for the daughter who got it all organised :)

elaine said...

Oh well done Mum and you - sounds like it all went swimmingly - no wonder you are proud of her - she looks fabulous too.

Toffeeapple said...

What wonderful cheering news, congratulations to all of you!