Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bursting into Life

I do love this time of year, a few sunny days and everything bursts into life.  Today I noticed that one of my Cedric Morris irises - Benton Deirdre had opened. If you're watching or visiting the Chelsea Flower Show next week look out for them as they are appearing there for the first time in many years.

All the aquilegias have opened this week too, mainly self sown and I tend to leave them where they chose to be unless they're really in the way.

and some more clematis have opened too, the one on the left is called Vino, the one on the right is some kind of montana that was here when I moved in.

Two roses have opened this week, the single chinensis rose 'Mutabilis'

and Abraham Darby.

There's still a lot of blue around as the ceanothus has opened (sadly I think it'll have to come out when it's finished flowering as it's leaning across the path and I have to scramble under it to get past)

But I'll leave you with a photo not taken in my garden but at Arger Fen, a Suffolk Wildlife reserve which I called into after work one day last week.

And I heard a cuckoo, black caps and willow warblers as well as seeing the bluebells :-)


Celia Hart said...

What beautiful Aquilegias! I love the variety of petal shapes. Sad your Ceanothus has to go, our two suddenly died and keeled over!

Jo said...

Such a lot happening in the garden at the moment. I have lots of self sown aquilegias in my garden too, sadly none as beautiful as yours, mine just tend to be the common purple or pink ones.

Anna said...

Beautiful May time flowers Su. 'Benton Deirdre' looks fabulous. I saw one or two photos today on Twitter of the Cedric Morris irises. Just wished that they had been close up views.

Mystic Quilter said...

I should really like to have a "beam me up Scottie"
from tar Trek, but to be beamed to your garden - it is heaven!

Frances said...

Su, these pictures from your garden have made me compare springtime flowering to acts from an opera. Everythign gets more and more dramatic as the sunlight and temperature strengthens.

The particular act that you've shown us is fantastic! I am thinking right now and plotting to find a strategy that will allow me to have a garden by 2016.

Thank you so much for the inspiration. xo

elaine said...

I have a book called Benton End Remembered which is full of paintings of his beloved Iris. Roses already - mine are nowhere near ready to bloom yet. This time of year in the garden is a joy when everyday there is something new to look at.

Toffeeapple said...

That Iris looks spectacular, does it have a perfume? I have some blue/lavender Irises, no idea of the name but boy, they put out a powerful perfume in the evening, I almost swoon from it. More this year than ever before!