Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Very Nearly Finished

After what seemed like months but was just over 7 weeks, my dining room, stairs and landing are almost finished and I love it.

This is what it was like before I started, with dark red paint

and dark pine furniture,

and  carpet.

That's all been replaced now.

The dark red paint has been replaced with a pale taupe,

and the dark pine furniture has had a coat of white eggshell paint to brighten it up,

and the carpet in the dining room has been replaced by a beautiful oak wooden floor the same as in my lounge.

On the stairs and landing the red paint has gone too and the floor has been painted white, the same as I did in the bathroom.

I bought myself a new lampshade,

and a 'new' chair for under the stairs (the chair was actually from eBay so is only new to me).

This is the only bit that isn't finished yet as I've ordered snazzy new covers for it in this fabric and they won't be ready until the end of September.

The only 'slight' snag is that a certain cat has decided that she really likes the chair and is probably not going to be impressed with me replacing the covers. But I will be able to see her better as she's quite well camouflaged at the moment and I've nearly sat on her on several occasions!


Celia Hart said...

It looks for bright and airy! Well done with finishing the transformation.

Jo said...

It looks fabulous, you must be so pleased with the transformation.

Frances said...

Su, your home transformation looks so good! Your going for the much lighter colors really seems to have opened up the space. You've chosen a lovely fabric for your great eBay find. Do break that transition to the kitty very carefully. Perhaps you might be able to make a cushion from the original fabric for the beautiful sleeper?


Sue in Suffolk said...

Love that fabric. Your cat will need to wipe her feet before sitting on it!

elaine said...

It all looks fabulous Su - you have done such a good job. We are just about to start on our living/dining room - hate the chaos is causes but looking forward to the end result.

Gina said...

Looking really good Su. A transformation!

Toffeeapple said...

It looks so much more airy and light, well done. Your chair looks good too.

Anna said...

Oh that looks fabulous Su. You must be chuffed. The new covers for the chair are most attractive and will lighten up that particular area. Maybe the cat will like the birds on the fabric :)


Wow. It looks really good - kind of coastal and summery. Must feel great to have seen it through, almost. I hate that first stroke of the brush, don't you? When you do a sharp intake of breath and think 'no going back now!' xCathy

Mystic Quilter said...

What a wonderful job- a beautiful transformation! The fabric you've chosen for your chair is lovely and I must say I would dearly love to create a little spot like this!

silverpebble said...

Ooh lovely! A makeover like this can feel as though you have a whole new room. Exciting and refreshing x