Saturday, November 28, 2015

Granny's Dresser

When my granny died 23 years ago I was desperate to have her dresser but didn't have a house big enough so it was put into Dad's shed.  About 12 years ago Dad told me they were chucking it out and as I still didn't have a house it would fit into I couldn't really insist they kept it so I assumed it they had indeed chucked it.  But, this summer, whilst moving the swing-boats out of the same shed I found something covered up with a dust sheet and asked dad what it was - it was granny's dresser!

First of all I brought the base home.  In the cold light of my kitchen it looked quite a mess, 22 years of living in the shed as well as many many years of nicotine from her cigarettes had to be cleaned off.

It cleaned up quite well and I could start to see the real 1930's style and shape.

Then I brought the top home.

I stripped off the nicotine stained 1970s wallpaper that my grandpa must have put on the back and discovered some really pretty paper, possibly 1950s, underneath it, but it was too torn to keep so it all came off.

After more cleaning I painted the back boards.

Putting the top onto the base was quite easy as my highly organised Dad had put the original screws (and the key) into the drawer of the base.

Today I put some treasures in it.  Some of my great granny's china,

some Royal Tara china that I bought with the money that granny left me in her will,

and some other bits I've acquired over the years (mainly from charity shops).

It's a little tatty well loved in places, but I'm so pleased to have it :-)


Toffeeapple said...

Oh, it is lovely! It is just right for where you have it and you have beautiful things in it too. Is it internally lit or is that an illusion?

Mystic Quilter said...

Perfect!!! I bought a "display cabinet" many years ago, same sort of colour as the one you have here, I had wondered about rubbing down the interior back panel and painting but wasn't too sure - I am now going to do it!!! Another point is your beautifully spaced china pieces - time to linger over each one!

elaine said...

You have done a lovely job sprucing up the display cabinet Su - I am so glad you didn't decide to paint the whole thing - the wood is beautifully rich - it looks lovely filled with your precious bits of China.

TrishWish said...

That is lovely and what a nice history. Better than IKEA.

Penny said...

Looks lovely, especially with your China displayed. Well loved is good.

Frances said...

Su, I really loved reading this post, and how your Dad's shed had hidden resources. It's grand for you to now have this dresser and to have given it a refreshing. Your china has a wonderful home.

Although I have enjoyed collecting a bit of vintage, or even antique, china over the decades, I've always wondered a bit about the family histories that allowed me to find these treasures for sale. Older now, I begin to understand more about family histories.


Jo said...

It's really beautiful. It isn't just a case of things not being made to last these days like they used to be but the fact of the history behind it makes it a fabulous addition to your home.


A lovely story and a really lovely dresser! I think painting the inside white was inspired as it really shows off what's inside, but somehow shows off the richness of the outside wood, and if it's a little 'pre-loved', so much the better! Great job! xCathy

Emma said...

Lovely dresser & it fits right in. Beautiful lampshade below, too!