Sunday, November 20, 2016

Autumn Walking

You might have realised that I love walking.  Sadly at this time of year walking opportunities are fewer due to dark evenings but I have had a couple of lovely walks recently.

A few Saturdays ago I went over to one of my favourite places, Marks Hall Arboretum.  I walked up towards the lake,

and then around on the Millennium walk, along the bottom edge of the lake,

up to the memorial site where I'd heard the autumn colour was especially good.

The memorial site is a memorial to the serviceman who were stationed at Marks Hall during the 2nd world war - the colours in the acers were stunning.

This is acer rubrum 'October Glory'.  And it was living up to its name!

Then I walked back through the woods to the walled garden.

From the walled garden the views over the lake were lovely.

Later that same week my cousin and his wife, who now live in America, came to visit.  They wanted to walk on the Sudbury water meadows and we had a glorious day for a 4.5 mile circular route.

We walked along the river Stour, across the meadows the the Salmon Leap (no salmon in the river nowadays as far as I know!),

with time for a quick selfie

before walking back home along the river.  

Two great walks, hopefully to be repeated again very soon!


Janneke said...

You had some wonderful walks, your cousin and wife will have enjoyed this too. The autumn colours of the Acers are great!

Jo said...

Those acers are just beautiful. We've had some wonderful weather for walking this autumn, there's been some lovely crisp sunny days but I fear that winter is really on the way now, it's turned much cooler and more soggy too.

Frances said...

From your great photographs it's easy to see that you chose two excellent days for long walks in beautiful surroundings. Those Acer trees are amazing!

Fun to see the selfie of you and your visiting friends, too. What a grand reunion you all must have had, while also getting lots of exercise.

Hoping you will be able to fit in more walks even as daylight hours seem to pick up their shrinkage pace. xo

Gina said...

What lovely walks. The colour of those Acers is absolutely stunning. It was very great and damp on my walk this morning.

Toffeeapple said...

Hasn't it been the most beautiful Autumn?

Celia Hart said...

Your visitors were so lucky with the weather! It's such a beautiful walk along the water meadows. The arboretum has such an amazing variety to colours, what a perfect place to enjoy the autumn.

galant said...

Not looked in for a while, but suddenly remembered your lovely blog! Will be looking in again from now on,
Margaret P