Sunday, April 11, 2010

About my garden - part 2

When I bought this garden it also came with a pond, (as well as a large shed, a dog run and a small greenhouse, which I'll blog about another time). In spring the pond has suffered from "green soup" syndrome for the last 2 years, which although the frogs and fish don't seem to mind, doesn't look very nice.

Look closely - there's a frog lurking in the rushes

I'm hoping to avoid some of the "green soup" this spring as last year I bought a small waterlily  to provide some shade -  Nymphaea Walter Pagels.  I bought it from Waterside Nursery.  I was slightly concerned about buying pond plants by mail order, but as I couldn't find this particular water lily locally I decided to risk it.  I needn't have worried as it arrived in perfect condition and even flowered once last year - this year I'm expecting many more blooms.

 Walter Pagels in flower last September


marigold jam said...

Even if it doesn't cure the green soup it will look beautiful! That garden is just something isn't it what with the pond and all the other plusses!


Jo said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, and for leaving a comment. The waterlily is beautiful, I hope you get plenty of flowers this year. Barley straw is supposed to be good for clearing pond water.

Cottage Garden said...

what a lovely pond, it looks very natural and I imagine it will be very lush in the summer. I did spot the frog, all we need now is for him to hop on the lily pad and this idyllic scene will be complete!


PS Thank you for your comment on the watermill Sue. It's well worth a visit. I've been to Anglesey Mill which is lovely too and in a prettier setting I think.

Maggie said...

Good luck with the 'green soup'. Nothing we did sorted ours out, barley bales, very expensive treatments, plants, nothing worked until in the end it was just too unsightly being in a prominent position near the house. So the fish have gone to a gorgeous new home, and the pond has been emptied to be reinstated elsewhere in the garden.