Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doll's Minuet

I bought these on a whim last autumn for two reasons really.  One was that I liked the name (it conjured up a nice image of minuetting china dolls), and the other one was because they seemed a bit wacky.  Now they are in flower I'm so glad I bought them as they are gorgeous, and seem to almost be dancing by the twists and turns of their petals.


marigold jam said...

How absolutely stunning these are - must make a note of the name and look out for some next planting time.


Cottage Garden said...

They are beautiful Su and perfectly named.

Yay - we are just enjoying some light refreshing rain - the garden is drinking happily - has it reached you?


mollygolver said...

What a gorgeous colour they are. Have never seen any on sale around here. I love the way they swirl - so aptly named - beautiful!

Jo said...

They're lovely, and a gorgeous colour too.