Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Different seasons have different colours associated with them don't they?  In my garden we are definitely in the "pink" season at the moment.  I love all the different shades, from almost white to cerise.
 Abraham Derby

Variegated Weigela
Tanacetum Coccineum

Unknown inherited clematis
Mme Alfred Carriere

Anisodontea Capensis

Scepter'd Isle

Patty's Plum

And finally - 4 of these beautiful very pale pink plants have appeared, I'm guessing they're some kind of allium.  I didn't plant them and they haven't appeared in previous years.  They have no scent.  Can anyone help to identify them?


Maggie said...

Ours seems to be purple and blues... different irises, aquilegia, alliums, oriental it will be vibrant reds of potentilla, then crocosmia both red and orange, and some yellows too... all in different parts of the garden. Lovely....

Magic Cochin said...

Blues and reds are dominant in my garden this week - with as dash of deep magenta.

Your roses are looking splendid!

The mystery flower is Rosy Garlic, Allium roseum.


Su Harris said...

Thanks Celia, I knew someone would know what is was! I guess either the previous owner planted it and I disturbed the bulbs to make them flower, or they're a present from the birds!

I had purple and blue a few weeks ago, amazing how all gardens are different isn't it?


Cottage Garden said...

I love the 'pretty in pink' season. Your blooms are looking very happy indeed.