Saturday, June 26, 2010

Around Midnight

Earlier this week I spotted this little gem at the back of a border.  In the spring I thought it had died as there was no sign of life anywhere, but eventually the leaves appeared but no flowers.  I fed it with tomato feed and it has rewarded me with 2 flowers.  They are tiny, but beautifully marked, (and are actually darker than in the photo).  Maybe if I look after it a bit better, and cut back some of the surrounding shrubs to give it more light, it might reward me with more flowers next year?  For the moment though I'm very happy that it's alive!

Iris Chrysographes Around Midnight


Maggie said...

Beautiful... Irises are one of my favourite flowers. I found a beautiful one last year, bronzes and a bit of purple, had no idea what it was, but luckily, as they say, I knew a man who would. He's a television gardener and I tend to ask him if I get really stuck. Turned out mine was STINKING IRIS... it doesn't smell, is beautiful, so how did it get such an off-putting name I wonder? It's seeds have scattered around the garden, one is growing in an old tree stump which has rotted almost totally away and I am going to remove it, when the temperature drops to a dull roar, and re-plant elsewhere, so I can see it better.

marigold jam said...

What a find!


Jo said...

It just goes to show the rewards we reap when we give our plants a little tlc. I love Iris, they always remind me of my grandma.

marigold jam said...

Me again just to say thanks for popping over to mine and for your comment - let's hope there will indeed be a bountiful harvest in due course!


Cottage Garden said...

A lovely reward for your tender loving care Su. It's so nice to see Irises again - mine have gone over now - I'm thinking about moving them to a shadier part of the garden to prolong their flowering period.


Anna said...

What a stunner - it's always a great feeling when plants come back to life - maybe the hard winter was responsible for its late rising.