Friday, October 8, 2010

Better Late than Never

This year my friend and I grew Cobeas from seed.  She sowed white ones, and I sowed blue ones.  Mine were problematic from the start, and the first packet failed to germinate at all.  Eventually though they grew and we swapped plants.  I planted four in all, 2 white and 2 blue.  The white one  that I planted in full sun, where it was supposed to thrive, has just about hung onto life but hasn't done anything else. The other ones I planted over a pergola and they have eventually produced buds.  Two days ago I was thrilled to see that one had opened - isn't it just gorgeous!

It would have been nice if they'd flowered during the summer when I could have sat outside and enjoyed them, but it's better late than never!


marigold jam said...

Probably all the more appreciated now after almost giving up hope eh?! I bought a tiny plant last summer at the WI market and it went mad and clambered up the front wall of my house and was covered in flowers for months - purple ones so maybe it was the common variety. Your flower is lovely - maybe it will be like my sweet peas which I gave up on and which have flowered continuously now for months - I picked 3 today!


Anna said...

Such a pretty flower Su. I prefer the white to purple. From my experience many moons ago, I recollect that you need to sow these in a heated propagator, almost in the depths of winter to coax them into flower earlier :) Thanks for the name of the rose in your previous post - note taken :)

Cottage Garden said...

Oh that's beautiful Su - your patience has paid off.

Due to the lovely sunny weather we have just had I still have roses and clematis blooming:) Your primrose looks so pretty - strange the way plants sometimes get confused - but enjoyable all the same!

Its been murky today though hasn't it.


Feltmaker said...

Gorgeous bloom - here's hoping for an indian summer to enjoy it a bit :D