Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seed Heads

It's most definitely autumn now.  The leaves are turning lovely colours and falling to the ground, we had our first frost which has blackened the dahlias, and the flowers of the summer have given way to sculptural seed heads.  I must admit to having a real fascination with these this year:
Stipa Gigantea
Opium Poppy

I think my fascination is because of their textures and shapes, which slowly emerge after the flowers fade.  I love the hidden seeds in the paper thin casings in the chive and the solid shell of the poppy.  Maybe it's also because I look at them now as inspiration for creating something in textiles and paint, but that's another post (or maybe even another blog to separate my new love of textile art from my old faithful friend of the garden?).


marigold jam said...

I don't think you should separate the two as they are definitely linked as you have seen!


Magic Cochin said...

I sometimes consider the multi-blog approach, but have now accepted that my mind doesn't work like that and the connections make for psotings that reflect the way my mind works.

Those seed heads are beautiful - so sculptural. There's a real nip in the air tonight, isn't there? But I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a stunner!


Cottage Garden said...

These seed-heads capture the change of season so well. Gorgeous photos.

As Celia says, its quite a stunner here today isn't it.

Look forward to seeing your textile creations Su.


PS Dylan is just like my Jess!

Anonymous said...

I love the way the flower stems of the tall grasses shimmer in the late afternoon, golden sunlight, and sway in the breeze.

Julie said...

Beautiful photographs of beautiful plants. I love grasses and seed heads. I hope you keep your textiles and paintings together with your garden blog, it makes for wonderful variety and interest. Thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog. I love the textile piece you blogged about previously.