Saturday, October 2, 2010

Autumn Confusion?

Most plants in the garden are doing what they should be doing at this time of year.  The sedums have started to flower,


the roses are still in bloom and are deliciously scented,

the clematis and eryngium have got beautiful seed heads,

but this primrose is obviously confused and thinks it's spring,

 and my poor cobea doesn't realise that it's autumn and is finally producing buds! 

I'm hoping that a few might open, but it needs to get its skates on!


Anonymous said...

I have a primrose out as well! Plus sedums, marigolds, penstemon, salvia, cranesbill, and a row of four foot high sunflowers alongside the summerhouse, where they really stand out against the green painted walls. Also lots of grasses with flowers/seedheads, and shrubs turning colour, the peonies especially are such a rich deep burgundy. So much colour still around, and a glorious warm and sunny day to enjoy October!

Anna said...

The 'experts' say you should take the flowers off primroses if they flower in the autumn, otherwise they will not flower as much in the spring. I have not got the heart though :) I like the look of your maroony rose Su ~ can you tell me its name.

Su said...

Hi Anna, it's Munstead Wood (David Austin). I only planted it this year but it seems to be a good healthy rose, with very thorny stems. Delicious scent.