Thursday, March 29, 2012

There's a Newt in the Pond!

I'm so excited - I have a newt in my pond!  Some of you will probably now think that I've lost the plot but I've wanted them for ages, and now I have them, well one!

I'm not sure what type it is (it's about 8cm long) but I'm guessing it's female as it's pale, but as it has some small spots on it I'm not really sure (sorry about the quality of the pictures, it's hard to focus through the water without dropping the phone in!)

If anyone can tell me what type it is and if it's definitely female I'd appreciate it.

I've just ordered some water forget-me-not in the hope it'll stay and we might have some babies! (Sadly I had to order it as a trawl of the local garden centres and nurseries proved to be fruitless).


Magic Cochin said...

Yes definitely a female Common (or Smooth) Newt. And she looks as if she's ready to lay eggs as her tummy is round ;-)


Rustic Vintage Country said...

How exciting, well done! Suzy x

Cottage Garden said...

She looks a beauty! I knew Celia would be a fountain of knowledge:-)


Fran Hillman said...

Mrs Newt has found a perfect home for herself and her babies! x

The Vintage Hobby House said...

How lovely xx