Monday, May 7, 2012

Bank Holiday Doings

How was your bank holiday weekend?  The rain actually stopped here at times so I was able to get out and do a little in the garden between the showers.

I love the contrast of this 'Queen of the Night' tulip against the self sown euphorbia.

I managed to do some much needed weeding in the veg garden and was pleased to see that, with the exception of the carrots, all the other seeds I'd sowed just before the monsoons started have germinated.

I was also very surprised at how many flowers there are on the strawberry plants.  I now have to make sure that the birds and slugs don't get them. There is such expectation at this time of year, imaginings of tastes to come!

But I didn't just garden, this afternoon I went over to Lavenham to the Art Festival - it was lovely.  The chance to see artists in their studios, with real range of work and also an amazing range of studios and settings; some old and medieval, some new in beautiful gardens and then this one, the last one we visited:

Not only was it a stunningly beautiful garden (and this is only a part of it!) it was home to beautiful bronze sculptures by Kate Denton (if you enlarge it by clicking on it you might just see a stag and a hare sculptures).  Did I have garden envy?  Just a little!

And to finish, it's Florence and Dylan's 7th birthday today.  They've had fish for tea and are now sleeping it off on the throw I made for the sofa  (I'm so pleased they use it after all the hassle they gave me when I was making it!)

P.S. Thank you for all your good wishes about my back on the last post, it's fine again now :-)


Miriam Weaver said...

I have garden envy, I envy your garden. Anything I plant is getting dug up by Betsy, hope she grows out of it soon. I'm glad your back has improved, you need to look after it so you can bend over to pick all those strawberries!
Looks like the cats enjoyed their birthday tea.

Jo said...

Happy birthday to Florence and Dylan. I think their birthday tea met with their approval. I have flowers on my strawberries too, but we've had a few frosts so I don't think they'll come to much. We had some decent weather over the bank holiday, I'm just hoping that we've turned a corner now and the rain has gone.

Magic Cochin said...

That garden is splendid! I rather like the bridge and lily pong too. Your cats looks very very trained, posing on the smart quilt after their birthday tea... butter wouldn't melt, eh?

We too made the most of the chilly Bank Holiday... you have to!

Glad you're back is OK now

Cottage Garden said...

Dang! I missed the Lavenham Art Festival AGAIN! Happy belated birthday wishes to Florence and Dylan. They look super comfy on 'their' throw!

I have loads of flowers on my strawberries too, I think they must love all this rain.