Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Sunny Afternoon Trip

Boris and I went for a little trip this afternoon (Boris is my car in case you were wondering!).  We drove along roads like this

with views across the Box valley to the left and huge Suffolk skies to the right.

We drove through pretty villages

until we ended up here, in Dedham on the Suffolk/Essex border.

The sun was shining on the wisteria covered houses.

One of the houses has steps going down from the pavement to this lovely little door, I wonder what's behind it?

But I didn't really come to sight see, I came to the Handmaid & Vintage Fair.  I forgot to take any pictures inside the fair as I was too busy looking at all the lovely things but there was a nice mixture of things on sale, and I did treat myself to a few little bits.

An old bottle, 2 pretty napkins (which might end up being used for something else!) and a pottery "Be Happy" dove for the grand total of £9.00.  And a lovely tissue holder to put in my handbag made of linen and liberty fabric by Poshyarns.

But these were my best bargain

They're only silver plate, and I know they look manky here, but at £3.00 for all 6 there was no way I could resist them.  And after a little bit of cleaning they now look like this

Now all I need to do is make some cake to eat with them and then we can have a tea party - anyone want to come?


dottycookie said...

I did fancy the fair but it was a little too far for us to drive - but weren't you lucky with the weather? And such treasures. Wonderful!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

What a wonderful day out! x

Julie said...

Wisteria is one of my favourite flowers and those skies are wonderful!

Emma said...

What a lovely drive you've taken us on & some great finds. All hell has broken loose up here- back to winter!

Jo said...

What lovely goodies you found. I love the wisteria covered house, doesn't it look wonderful?

Gina said...

Yes please! Sounds like a lovely day out.

Maggie said...

I have some pretty cake forks too... love the photos and know the area from visits in the past, beautiful on a sunny day isn't it?

Toffeeapple said...

A very pretty post with beautiful things. My car is named Vincent, I thought I might be the only one to call my vehicle by a male name.

ted and bunny said...

I like the sound of Boris if he takes you to such lovely locations...and brings you home again!
ps my truck is called Mr.Pickup

Cottage Garden said...

Did someone mention a tea party ...:D Great finds Su and what a road trip for you and Boris. Great photos of our wonderful big Suffolk skies. I love Dedham, went to a really posh restaurant there for a celebration meal a while back, but the name escapes me.


Iz said...

Lovely silver spoons - what a bargain! We once had a metro called Valerie...