Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What a Lovely Week - and it's only Wednesday!

I've had a few days off this week and they've been really lovely days too.  One day was spent with a friend doing some family/local history research in Essex and then yesterday I was interviewed on Radio Suffolk about The Treasure Tree.  This is a business I'm involved with where we create animated stories and interactive resources for primary aged children.  If you want to hear the interview you can listen to it here until the 31.07.12, it starts at 1:34. 

I was really nervous waiting for the interview and couldn't bring myself to listen to it until tonight - but I have to say I'm quite pleased with how it turned out :-)

As it was a really hot day we decided to have a Treasure Tree outing after the interview.  We went here, some of you might recognise it?

It's Aldeburgh, on the Suffolk coast, one of my very favourite places.

I loved this old boat on the beach, with its peeling paint and rusty metal.

How plants can grow in the shingle always amazes me, there's no soil there at all.

 The red valerian looked stunning against the summer sky.

It was a beautiful evening and after we'd sipped gin and tonics in the hotel garden overlooking the sea, we had a lovely meal at The Wentworth Hotel.

Today has been less glamorous, but still lovely, as I decided to tackle my shed which looked like this at 9am this morning:

But several bin bags later (mainly of flower pots I have to admit!) it now looks like this:

As well as being able to see the floor and reach the shredder, I now have a drawer full of every different size of nails and screws that you could ever imagine, so if you ever need one you know where to come!


Magic Cochin said...

You must have worked hard clearing the shed!

Two more days to go till the weekend... I wonder what you'll do next?


marigold jam said...

Lovely wide open spaces on those beaches - compare with my photos of Weymouth yesterday and I know which I'd prefer!! That boat photo would make a lovely framed picture or notecard. Well done with your shed - sheds seem to breed stuff and spread it about don't they?!! Just off to listen to your interview.

Toffeeapple said...

How did you find the energy in the heat to tackle your shed? Very well done!

Aldeburgh is my favourite seaside place too. Fish and chips are so tasty there.

Maggie said...

Love Aldeburgh too, though Southwold remains the preferred spot for Suffolk coastal outings. So satisfying clearing a shed isn't it....must remind my husband!! I did a radio interview many years ago on Radio Norfolk, didn't feel in the least nervous then, but would now.
And as has been said, how you managed to clear a shed in the heat is beyond me.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Walberswick for me, because we can take the dogs onto the beach and even in to the sea with us. But anywhere on that stretch of coast is my idea of heaven :D

Well done on the shed tidying, you're braver than me, I daren't open the door to ours just now!