Thursday, August 9, 2012

A List of Pleasing Things

A little while ago, well a few months actually, I was passed this book by Gina at Fan My Flame.

It's about Loretta, a single mum living in a small Australian town.  At one point in the point there is a lovely moment where Loretta is attending a creative writing class and has to read out her list of pleasing things.  The 'deal' in being passed the book was that I had to make my own list of pleasing things and then pass the book on to someone else.

My List of Pleasing Things

1.  A cup of tea in the garden.  Simple I know, but quite a novelty this year!  I love escaping out there and listening to the birds.  When the weather isn't conducive to sitting outside I sometimes sit in my greenhouse.

 2.  Roses.  Any colour, but they have to be scented and preferably old fashioned looking.  This one's my favourite - Abraham Darby and it grows on the front of my house.

3.  A contented cat - even when she is using my clean washing as a pillow!

 4.  This combination of vibernum berries and an inherited purple clematis.  The vibernum belongs to my neighbour and there aren't any berries on her side.  Sometimes nature just makes a perfect match.

5.  My pond.  Not the prettiest pond in the world (I wish the liner didn't show), and with copious amounts of duck weed (which provides regular treats for next door's new ducks), but loved by wildlife.  At this time of year the damsel flies dance around it and the frogs sit and watch me watching them.  If you look closely you'll spot 'Mr Ginger Frog' on a rock on the right (yes I do know my frogs by name!!!).

6.  Aldeburgh.  My favourite seaside place.  A lovely little town on the Suffolk coast, with nice shops, great restaurents and an unspoilt shingle beach.  It's never heaving with people (unless you happen to try and go when it's the Carnival) and is perfect for watching the sea and the seagulls.  Just look at the blue sky and sea - perfect.

7.  Gin and Tonic!  And preferably Plymouth Gin and Fever Tree tonic (not that I'm fussy or anything!).  Can't beat a G & T in the garden on the summer evening :-)

The book is a good read - it's really quite funny in places.  If you'd like to read it next then please say so in your comment and I'll draw a name at random.  The deal is the same - once you've read it then post your own list of pleasing things and pass the book on.

If you don't want to read it then you can still comment - I'd be interested to know if any of the things on my list would be on yours?


marigold jam said...

What a lovely idea! The cup of tea in the garden and the contented cat would both be on mine too and although I don't know Adelburgh I can think of somewhere similar I'd probably add too!

Maggie said...

The book sounds a good read, so include me in please!
Some of the happy coincidences in the garden please me too, things you didn't plant maybe but which just 'arrived', presumably seeds dropped by birds or blown in from somewhere else. And a good cup of tea, sitting in the conservatory (I can't go out in the sun) or summerhouse, listening to birdsong, watching birds in the birdbaths or on feeders is another of my pleasing things.

Cathy Dean said...

I just found you at random, and what a lovely post - I think all the things on your list would be on mine. I've never been to Aldeburgh but it looks like my kind of place, and I'd maybe alternate the G&T with a bucket of Pimms but I think from the look of things we'd get on like a house on fire. And "me too!" with the book please :-)

Gina said...

I'd completely forgotten about this book Su... what a lovely reminder. I think a nice cold G & T would be on my list too... and I do love Aldeburgh!