Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Funny Old Year

It's been a funny old year in the garden hasn't it?  Some plants that are usually stunning have struggled just to survive but some have done really well.  Some of the roses that got so damaged by the rain in June and looked quite appalling are now on their second flush and looking much better than the first time.

Sceptred Isle

Lady Emma Hamilton


The dahlias also seem to be doing well with year, although a little slow to get going.

Cafe Au Lait

Unknown pink bud

Nuit D'Ete

It's been a mixed year in the veg garden.  After a slow start I am now picking courgettes, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes.  The yakon, given to me by Fiona, has loved all the wet weather and I'm hoping that all the top growth means there are lots of tubers below...


The biggest winner this year does seem to have been the slugs though, huge great big brown ones - YUK!  It has been a constant battle between me and them, one that I think I might just be winning (those of you that know me in real life know I HATE to be beaten by anything!).

But rather than end this post on such a yukky topic I'll leave you with this detail from the centre of a Mutabilis rose - just beautiful.


Jo said...

Lady Emma Hamilton is a beauty, such a gorgeous colour. You're doing much better than I am in the veg garden. My tomatoes won't ripen at all, and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for beans. I think it's been a bad year all round and all we can do it hope for better weather next year.

Anna said...

"A funny old year" - You can say that again with a vengeance Su :) It certainly has helped some plants put on a real spurt - your yakon looks like a veritable triffid. Funnily enough they (who they are) say that the little black slugs do more damage to plants than the monsters but I remain to be convinced.

Miriam Weaver said...

Yuk I have a constant battle with those horrid slimy slugs and snails! My tomatoes were doing brilliantly then the plants went black and I didn't manage to get one tomato the beans are coming on well though. Your roses are lovely and your dahlias are beautiful, I'm not jealous honest!

Toffeeapple said...

Your flowers are all beautiful and the last shot is stunning.

elaine rickett said...

I love all your roses - mine are having a second flush of flowering which is a nice surprise at this time of year.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Your flowers are lovely. I also enjoyed seeing the double daylily in the previous post. I have the same flower here in my garden in the midwestern U.S.