Monday, April 8, 2013

A Few Nice Days

The sun came out this weekend! The cold easterly wind dropped and the sun actually shone, it was wonderful.

This little scilla had been in tight bud refusing to open for weeks but is just feeling brave enough to open today.

I've had the heater on most nights still in the greenhouse but have been able to open the door during the day over the weekend!

My greenhouse isn't really big enough at this time of year so the conservatory is starting to be taken over by plants too.

Today in the sunshine the Chaenomeles blossom started to open

and I spied a little mouse rooting around at the back of a flower bed

and this young blue tit had a long feed of peanuts.

I've also had alot of siskins on the feeders today but haven't managed to get an picture that is vaguely in focus of them yet!

Maybe, just maybe, these few nice days will turn into more and more nice days.....


Debs Dust Bunny said...

Looks like Spring has found your garden! I love your new header, very pretty! : )

Threadspider said...

It's so good to see things starting to move,but either I was spoiled by where we used to live or this winter is worse than I thought. Isn't everything late?
My green house is full during the day but it is unheated so I am having to carry loads of trays into the house each evening. Be glad when the really cold nights stop.
I love your little Scilla-well worth waiting for.

Paula Sealey said...

Isn't it great to see spring at long last,those chaenomele blossom are beautiful. I hope the little mouse doesn't find his way into your greenhouse...eek!

Jo said...

It's been lovely to see a bit of sunshine at long last, it really does make a difference. Nice to see that things are starting to move now, I do hope that spring has finally sprung.

flowerlady said...

You are definitely ahead of us,my scilla are no were near opening.Lovely pictures though,I actually sat in the garden with a cuppa on Sunday and watched 3 sets of blue tits making there way round the different bird boxes we have in the garden,they are so late this year.It will be interesting to see when the swallows and house martins come this year

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to get a shot of the goldfinches on their feeder, but never manage it. They are so beautiful. Lots of gathering nesting material going on in our garden at the moment. Doves coming in for bits that have broken off the silver birch in the wind, blackbirds gathering softer bits and pieces for their annual nest in the hedge near the conservatory, coal tits in and out of the nesting box on the silver birch. The temperature slowly rising seems to be giving them all a renewed interest in all things lerve related!

Anna said...

Some glorious weather here too at the weekend Su -I managed to put in two afternoons at the allotment. I like your little mouse.

Naida Willis said...

Love your little mouse, but glad he's with you 'cause I've just sown my peas!