Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Spring!

Spring has definitely arrived in my garden now.  The chaenomeles blossom is just about out

and the lilac buds are slowly emerging.

The ferns are uncurling

and the epimediums are just beginning to dance above the ground.

Viola freckles has appeared this weekend too

as have the grape hyacinths

and the snake's head fritillaries.

The pasque flower that I thought I'd lost as it didn't appear at all last year has decided to grace us with its presence 

and the self sown cerinthes are nearly in flower too (seems very early to me!).

All in all I think we're about 3 weeks behind last year as this clematis was in full flower on 4th April last year and looks as though its got several more days before it opens this year.

And the frogs have now finished spawning - what a noise they made!

I hope spring has arrived for all of you too.


Jo said...

Those frogs are certainly noisy. I haven't checked my lilac, I must look today to see if there's any sign of buds yet. You've got a lot going on in your garden, we just needed a bit of warmth to get everything going.

Anna said...

Yeeeeeay!!! We are all singing and dancing in celebration :) Just noticed that first flowers on my clematis alpina have opened today.


I know! And about time too! Your garden is so pretty but not quite as beautiful as those buttons you made for your suit jacket at the bottom of your last post. They were worth all the unpicking etc! xCathy

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Spring has sprung for sure! what a pretty garden you must have and I love the violas. x

flowerlady said...

It has sprung in many ways,but we are still waiting for the swallows and house martins who are 2 weeks late already