Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunshine and Showers

I spent a lot of this weekend sheltering from showers, marooned in either the shed or the greenhouse, or dashing up the garden to the house to seek shelter and a cuppa.  But between the showers I noticed that things are definitely moving along in the garden.

The amalanchier blossom has finally opened

and the first two clematis are flowering

Clematis Maidwell Hall

Clematis Foxy

The tulips have also opened

and the honesty that's self seeded its self is in flower too.

We had a frost on Saturday night so I used my very old cloches to protect my newly transplanted beetroot and salad leaves.  

I'm not exactly sure how old the cloches are, I think they're at least between the wars.  They were given to me by a family member, glass and all.  There's a knack to constructing them (which I forget every year!) but once constructed they are amazingly solid and easy to move.

I don't have much room in my veg garden so I'm trying to be more organised with how I use it this year so I'm trying out a version of 'Square Foot Gardening'  Mine aren't exactly square, or feet, but they are organised as opposed to random!

So far I have peas (netted from the pigeons), shallots, spring onions, beetroot and salad planted.  I also plan to have dwarf beans, cucumber and leeks in this bed.  The other bed won't be square footed, it'll be runner beans and courgettes.  I'll let you know how I get on!


Plain Jane said...

It's wonderful to see the garden doing it's thing! Those cloches are great - think we might be needing them for a bot longer yet! Jane x

elaine rickett said...

It's lovely to see the spring bulbs at last. Nothing much else yet though - the mahonia is almost there and the camellia. I have been busy sowing and planting in the veg garden - fingers crossed we have a better year this year. It can't be any worse than last.

crafty cat corner said...

Isn't it lovely to see everything growing. I'm waiting for the wild daisies, I just love seeing them all along the roadside.

Jo said...

Amazing that those cloches have survived all this time, they really knew how to make things in those days. I can't see cloches made now lasting that long. Things have certainly got going now with the warmer weather but things are still a long way behind, it will be interesting to see if things catch up through the course of the year.

Toffeeapple said...

I now have White Honesty envy! Mine is decidedly Magenta.

It is so good to see so much coming into bloom. I hope it happens here soon.

flowerlady said...

Love the colour of Maidwell Hall,the cloches look very sturdy,I only have pink Honesty,the white looks lovely and fresh

Gardeningbren said...

It's so lovely to see what is blooming across the pond from us here in Nova Scotia. It makes me feel..bloom is on it's way as our tulips are not out yet, and not the service berry or the clematis but yours are a great sight to behold.

I must say..those cloches are wonderful and how lucky you are to have them. Someone in your family knew you were exactly the right person to caretake them until you find another gardener in your family to continue passing on the gift. Truly a treasure.