Monday, July 15, 2013

A Meander Down the Garden

My garden is very long and very narrow but it is not as it would first seem; it is full of twists and turns, of dark and light, of colour and texture.  Come with me on a journey, a journey from one end of my garden to the other and you'll see what I mean.

Our journey starts with roses (as you might expect). Around the first sitting area are roses planted by me

Rosa The Generous Gardener

and a rose planted over 20 years ago, with tiny and delicate sprays of flowers.

Rosa Dorothy Perkins

Clematis also abound, again some planted by me and some planted by previous owners.

Clematis Venosa Violacea and Clematis Betty Corning

It's a nice area to sit, to eat, to think.

But that's not all, it might look as though the garden ends here, but it doesn't.  There's a little gap in the 'hedge' under the naturally formed rose arch, can you see it?

Come with me and explore further.

The path winds round and there's a change of feel now. It's darker and shadier now and the shrubs reach skywards trying to find light. The Deutzia and Cornus meet overhead as though they're holding hands above the path.

The verbascum

and newly planted silene fimbriata are thriving here in the shade.

Silene Fimbriata

Another twist, another turn and the path goes through the semi shade under the snake bark maple where more roses, delphiniums and grasses are flowering.

It opens up here, you can stop here for a sit by the pond if you wish (you'll just have to ignore weeds in the patio!).  There's sun or shade here depending on the time of day.  There are more clematis, roses and lilies.

There's a frog wearing a water forget-me-not flower over there!

Another arch of roses and we're through to the veg garden where roses and foxgloves grow through the runner beans and squash.

We're nearly at the end - welcome to my favourite bench under the paper bark cherry.

Prunus Serrula

If you sit quietly no-one knows you're here.

I hope you've enjoyed your meander down my garden, but before you go just sit for a while and smell the roses.

Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis


Maureen said...

Heaven!! My sort of garden -what a delight.

Celia Hart said...

Is that the Silene you bought at Fuller's Mill? I 'm sure it looks really at home in your garden. It's a good use of space and looks so shady in this hot weather xx

Toffeeapple said...

Would you like to adopt a Granny who has no dependents - not even a grandchild? Oh, please?

dragonfly said...

Oh! The light in your first photo! It's perfect!

Your garden looks wonderful. So many places to sit and enjoy it. And I'm definitely going to make a pond if frogs wearing forget-me-nots are going to make a home in my garden ; )


Jo said...

Well, you've got the original secret garden there, just wonderful. Why, you even have pretty frogs in your garden with flowers in their hair.

elaine said...

I love the jungley feel to your garden everything seems to have been given free rein. I am sure you appreciate the shadey bits in this hot weather.

Julie @Dragonfly Gems said...

What a wonderful garden you have Su.

I love the photo of the frog wearing a water forget-me-not.
Julie x

Home and Garden said...

what a beautiful garden you have. i like your different sitting areas.
have a sunny day,


I think what I would be thinking in those lovely seating areas is : 'Please come and do my garden for me!' xCathy

driftwood said...

just gorgeous, I love that you have to keep exploring to find all the new areas, you can see all of our garden at once.......