Sunday, February 15, 2015

Returning to My Happy Place

Today I managed one hour gardening - that might not sound much, and indeed it isn't really but it's one hour more than I've been able to do since last August when I tore the tendon in my elbow. As I cleared and tidied and cut back (gently as I'm still not too good with secateurs) I noticed signs of spring all around:

primroses still moist with dew/rain,

 quince buds about to break,

and snowdrops hanging their dainty heads.

There are hellebores under the shrubs

and hyacinths just about to risk popping their heads up above their leaves.

By my kitchen window the winter flowering honeysuckle is just starting to flower - it was flowering the day I first moved in 7 years ago.

There's still loads to do but it was good to get back into my happy place today :-)


Celia Hart said...

I'm sure that did you the power of good!

Toffeeapple said...

Lovely images! I do wish that Snowdrops and Hellebores would hold their heads up!

Love the knee patches too.

Anna said...

So glad to read that you are back there Su :)

Mystic Quilter said...

Pleased to ear you're now slowly back into gardening, and from your photos it's looking to be a lovely Spring ahead.
By the way, love the patched jeans!!!

Plain Jane said...

Such an exciting time of the year with so many things starting over - well done for getting out there x Jane

Frances said...

Su, it's so encouraging to see these signs of spring on your Edge. Over here, the very notion of venturing outdoors for anything but absolutely necessary errands is out of the question. With the current wind/chill factor we are in minus degrees F.

Thank you for sharing your hapy place. It's grand that you are able to return to gardening.

(I also like the look of those subtle stitches on the denim jeans leg.)


Marigold Jam said...

Lovely pics and am so glad you are now able to get out in your garden and do a bit - take it gently though! Love the patched knees!

Janneke said...

Good you are out in the garden again, but be careful. You made some beautiful pictures, so interesting to see a winter flowering honesuckle, never seen that before, I wonder if it has any scent.

elaine said...

Well that's a big tick for you. Nice to see things popping up although I think it will be a few weeks yet before things put on their spring show.

Jo said...

Lovely photos. It's good to see you getting back in to the swing of things, your elbow has certainly taken time to heal. Let's hope that all is well again in time for the gardening season.