Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Little Detour

After a day of cleaning and gardening at my parents' yesterday I took a little detour on the way home and went to Castle Acre.

The views from the top were impressive, but all the time I kept thinking that it wasn't how I remembered it from visiting as a child.

I had a good wander round, it was nice but I was puzzled as to where all the arches were that I knew had been there before.

I wandered back to the car and saw a sign to 'The Priory' and the penny dropped - that was where I'd been as a child not the castle! As I walked out of the village the priory came into view across the fields.

It's managed by English Heritage and when I got to the entrance there was only 20mins left until they closed so I didn't pay the £6.90 to go in, instead I wandered around the perimeter on a footpath.

 Now I could see the arches that I remembered.  Arches from the cloisters,

and from windows long missing their glass.

I will go back and pay to go in as I'd love to get up close to those arches and see the re-created herb garden showing the herbs that the monks used to use for medicinal purposes.

But even from a distance it was a lovely end to the day - a day where I found this gorgeous cloche hat in mum's cupboard, bought and worn by me in the 80s!

Hope you all had good Easter weekends too.


Celia Hart said...

I'd forgotten the Castle and the Priory are separate places, a long long time since I last visited!

That's a very stylish hat, but I hope the weather stays warm and sunny so there's no need to wear it until Autumn.

Frances said...

Su, I love this tale of your detour and how you did find your way down a particular memory lane. Great that you will be able to return for a longer visit to the Priory. Both the structure and that garden look well worth a closer look.

Please do take your camera when you make that return.

The cloche with the delicate feather is lovely. Will you model it for us?

Happy Easter. xo

Anna said...

Oh your post brings back memories Sue. We went to the Castle many moons ago on a family outing, probably in the late 60s. I was a skinny teenager then. Somewhere I have a photo of me wearing a rather brief mini teeshirt dress, standing in front of the Castle. Unlike your elegant cloche hat my garment has long since disappeared and even if it were still about it would no longer fit me:) Look forward to hearing about your return trip to the Priory in due course.

Jo said...

It looks like a wonderful place for a detour, both the castle and the priory. You certainly had a lovely day for it, it's good to have some blue skies for a change, isn't it?

Anna said...

This brought back memories for me, we (then husband and me) had a holiday looking at Norfolk churches and went here, a lovely place. Great hat!

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Oh great excitement - another Suffolk Blogger - how have I not read your blog before?
We went to Castle Acre many years ago when our children were a LOT younger. We had a years membership of EH and went to everywhere within reach of Suffolk and several other places too. I shall now add you to my reading list.

Jo said...

Just popped by to let you know that you've won my giveaway. Can you please let me have your address so that I can get the parcel sent off to you.