Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Taking Something Old....

Back in April I bought a little, tatty, unloved footstool from eBay for £15.98.  I'd been looking at new ones and they were all either:
  1. too big,
  2. too expensive or
  3. both of the the above
It arrived and sat looking sad in my conservatory until this week when I finally had time to tackle it.

First off all I removed the green cover and found another pink one underneath, so that came off too.

The padding/wadding seemed in good condition do I left that on and sanded the nasty brown varnish off the legs.  At this point it hailed so progress halted!

Today I removed the legs and waxed them, found some fabric in my ever increasing stash and armed with a staple gun set about re-covering it.  

I didn't really know what I was doing but I'm pretty pleased with those corners!  Then I put the legs back on and voila! I think it looks good alongside the free chair I obtained 18months ago.

I did some digging in the veg garden today and was supervised by this little chap and his mate; I don't know where they're nesting but they were certainly busy collecting grubs.

On my way inside I noticed the euphorbia fireglow has emerged - such vivid colours.

I also picked some hyacinth blooms on my way back up the garden and they're now filling the house with a heady scent.

Now if you'll excuse me I'll just put my feet up for a few minutes :-)


Jo said...

Your footstool is fabulous, what a great job you've done with it, especially those corners.

lp_ lisa said...

Very impressed by your handiwork, especially those difficult corners. Both chair & footstool look great. Well done!

Mystic Quilter said...

Lovely post! I have a small footstool made around 70 yrs ago by an uncle - you have inspired me to bring this up to date! Thanks for the photo of your garden helper, I do miss the robins here in NZ, but I have many native birds visit and blackbirds and two blackbirds and two song thrush visit me twice daily for food! Love them.

Janneke said...

You did a great job with that footstool, it looks wonderful and very appropriate for tired feet.

crafty cat corner said...

Lovely post, a bit of everything.
I recently got rid of a footstool like this and after seeing what you've done, wish I hadn't
Have a good weekend

Toffeeapple said...

I am very impressed, those corners are brilliant!

Annie Cholewa said...

Ooh, nicely done ... I need to take a long look at how you did that, I have a footstool that needs covering here too.

Anna said...

Great work on the stool, it looks lovely! Very satisfying to bring an item back to life.

Gina said...

Great transformation on the stool. I''m watching a little Robin pick over the patch I was digging yesterday, as I type!

ALoadofOldTat said...

I still regret chucking my one out, which I bought for £2 at a boot fair and recovered.