Sunday, October 25, 2015

Take One ...

Take one pack of co-ordinating tea towels, wash and unpick the edges,

one piece of foam,

one cheap chest (full of bird food, cat food, gardening gloves etc)

instigate some late night sewing,

and voila - one covered seat in the still relatively tidy conservatory.

With the sweet little bird cushion (a £10 purchase from Dunelm) it looks, and feels, rather a pleasant place to have breakfast or a cuppa.
Remember mum's loft? It looked like this at the end of July

well now it looks like this

it's not totally finished but it's getting there.  
Amongst yesterday's discoveries was this handle and wires in a lovely wooden box.  

After asking on twitter I now know the wires are ties for sacks the handle twists them together.  I'm guessing it was something to do with my fenland family but I have no idea why there are so many, but you know who to ask now should you ever need to tie a sack up!


Mystic Quilter said...

Very nice! I love the flowered fabric across the mid section of the chest. You have given me the idea to use what you have done here on a very old chest (small) which is in our living room, the top is badly marked - a job for the coming week perhaps!

Celia Hart said...

The cushion looks very smart! As does your Mum's loft.

You need a lot of sack ties if you're harvesting a 10 acre field of spuds. I remember going with my Grandma to help with potato harvests in the early 1960s. Following the potato plough and picking the spuds out of the furrow.

Frances said...

Su, it looks to me that you have put those tea towels and the foam and the chests to a very good combination.

Your mom's loft is being tranformed. Bravo.

That discovery of the sack wiring tool is something else altogether. Having read Celia's comment i begin to have a bit more undertanding of what this find is all about.

Hoping you do receive some requests for sack tying. xo

Jo said...

It's fabulous, I love it, and you've got an extra seat now too. Your mum's loft is looking great too, so much extra space.

Iz said...

Late-night sewing is the best sort! Lovely cushion/seat - a really good idea to use tea towels for the matching fabrics!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Your cushion looks good. I once used tea towels to make a cover for a food mixer and we use bag ties and the twisty thingy to fix together canes for the runner beans

TrishWish said...

Lovely idea. I have some tea towels that are so nice it feels like a crime to use them. I am looking for more seaside themed ones as we are going that way in our kitchen make over.Now i will think about using them in a different way.

elaine said...

Amazing what can be done with a pack of tea towels - the covers look great.

Gretel said...

I think you'd be able to use that tool for twisting together wire to make decorative strands (I bought a special pair of wire twisters may years ago, for this purpose) - you'd just need an anchor point somewhere and loop the strands over the hook.
Very useful for making Xhristmas decorations.