Friday, October 30, 2015

A Day Trip to London

On Wednesday I left Suffolk in torrential rain and headed to London.  When I got out of the tube at Tower Hill I was mightily relieved that, whilst still grey and overcast, the rain had stayed in Suffolk.

After a short walk I was at the Fashion and Textile Museum to see the Liberty in Fashion exhibition. 

The exhibition worked through time and I particularly liked the dresses from there 1910s, 20s and 30s  (very Downton Abbey).

This child's dress from the 1930s with beautiful smocking is so similar to those still worn by little girls today. 

It then moved though the 1940s and 50s.

I remember wearing dresses similar to these of the 1970s, especially the one on the seated mannequin at the front!

Although I never had anything as bright as this 1960s number!

It's a lovely exhibition although I was sad I couldn't be there for the guided talk as they are always excellent and add an extra dimension.  But I couldn't stay.

By the time I had walked back up to the Thames the sun was coming out so I decided to take a river bus from Tower Hill up to the Embankment.

After a quick lunch in the crypt of St Martin's, I walked up to Cambridge Circus to the theatre to see Matilda.

Mum had bought me the ticket back in April and I really enjoyed it - the cast of children were amazingly talented, the set was stunning and to see a child launched into space by her pigtails was very clever (no children were injured!).

I can highly recommend both the Liberty exhibition and Matilda - all in all a very good day, and I didn't get wet!



Looks like a great exhibition. I may get to see it now I'm back down this way! I actually DID wear things that bright in the sixties, but I was a child at the time and had no say in the matter! xCathy

Jo said...

What a wonderful day out. I do wish I lived closer to London so I could take day trips there. I'm a big fan of musical theatre and we're lucky to have lots of touring West End shows come to Leeds so I do get to see quite a few, I've never seen Matilda though. Glad you enjoyed it.

Frances said...

What a great day out, Su. You must have been glad that rain did not join you on your journey!

The Liberty show looks like a winner. I finally got to visit that little gem of a gallery on my London trip last fall, and saw a great knitwear show. Ahh, but Liberty over the decades would have stolen my heart. Thanks so much for sharing the photographs.

I've not seen Matilda, but very much like the entire idea of its story line.


Toffeeapple said...

As a child of the 40s, I had to wear dresses like that but made in poplin, not Liberty cotton. The necks were always to tight and I hated the sleeves. She used to make wedding dresses too and always had the off-cuts so I was well dressed in the underwear department!

My Ma would always make her own clothes (and mine)to save money, also, there wasn't really a 'ready to wear' market. Her dresses would have looked like the 40s and 50s ones. Laura Ashley used to make those 70s dresses but I made my own from anything I could afford.

Marigold Jam said...

There is always something new and interesting to do in London isn't there? I must try and get to the Liberty exhibition as I can see it would be a trip down Memory Lane for me - I had a smocked dress as a child of 4 though mine was made in Dayella in a pale blue check not Liberty cotton. Must check out the dates for the exhibition and try and get to it.

Gina said...

Hoping to see that Liberty exhibition before too long. Shame you couldn't stay for the talk as they are always fabulous.

elaine said...

It was interesting to see how styles have differed through the decades. I have never dressed in extreme fashion, for one thing I couldn't afford it. I had so few clothes,that I remember practically all of them, most of which were worn until they fell to pieces and I did sew a lot of my own for economic reasons. I was a big fan of Mary Quant style dresses which were simple and flattering. I rarely wear a dress these days.

Julie said...

Thank you very much for your comments on my post about Mum. I've just had a very pleasant time catching up on your blog posts over lunch. Your changes in the house look wonderful, much lighter and brighter and the chair cover is lovely. Glad your cat approves :-)

Anna said...

Oh I think that I would enjoy that exhibition too Su. Those 70s dresses looked rather familiar. I still have one or two from that era in my wardrobe but sadly can no longer get into them.

Emma said...

I do like that 60's shift! Love the changes in your house too. Good luck with those amazing swing boats!