Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Bargain

Last week I was at a meeting at a local conference venue where there was a garden show taking place in the grounds (you can probably guess which of the two I really wanted to go to).  At the end of the meeting they announced that as we were already on the site that we could have free access into the show.  I have to admit that the plants weren't anything spectacular, but I was so pleased when I spied this obelisk.

I wanted one to go in the space where the pittosporum used to be, but couldn't find one that was small and delicate enough for the tiny clematis aromatica that would grow up it.  It was priced at £8, but I only had £6 in cash and they didn't take credit cards.  I've never before haggled for anything  but I decided to ask if they'd take £6.  You can see that they did!  I was going to rub it down and paint it cream, but at the moment I quite like its mix of rust and shine so I might just leave it as it is.  What do you think? (If you click on the picture you can see it in more detail).


marigold jam said...

IWhat luck! I like it as it is I think though cream would look good too but be more work.


Artist's Garden said...

rust and shine - it is really lovely and at £6 a bargin!

Jo said...

It's gorgeous and it shows how lucky you can be if you haggle. What a great price.

Anna said...

Glad that it wasn't a case of all work and no play Su. A real bagain. Rust and shine gets my vote :)