Friday, September 17, 2010

Purple Grapes

Remember the tiny grapes I blogged about in May?  Well this is what they look like now:

I still have no idea what variety they are but as you can see they turned out to be beautiful purple ones, which are sweet enough to eat.  The birds are having some, but there are so many growing that there are ample for me and friends and neighbours to enjoy as well.


marigold jam said...

Lovely - makes the mouth water. We had a vine which had tiny dark grapes which were sweet enough to eat and I made jam with some of them not being a wine maker and it was delicious and not unlike blackcurrant so what with eating them straight from the vine, sharing them with the birds especially starlings and making jam our little vine did well..


Cottage Garden said...

They are delicious Su! Great minds think alike - there are some grapey photos on my blog too!!

Yours look a really beautiful purple ... enjoy.

Jeanne x

Anna said...

Enjoy Su :) I inherited a vine in the greenhouse at the allotment but they are too seedy for me, so I let himself have them for wine making :)

Esther Montgomery said...

Oh, maddening and jealousy inspiring. I have Black Hamburg grapes in my garden and although there's a bumper crop of bunches this year, the grapes are still green and some of them have black mould. Yours look wonderful!

Esther Montgomery