Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feline Helpers Win!

I have a black cat and a cream sofa.  In an attempt to keep some of his hair off the sofa I decided to make a throw.  It was only going to be a little 'cat sized' throw but it sort of grew and this afternoon I got to the quilting stage of it - that's when my feline helpers arrived...

First of all Florence tested the front
Is this for me to sit on?
   and then she tested the back.
It's quite nice and soft.

Then Dylan came to see what he thought of it
What's going on here then?

while Florence retreated to my sewing chair.
What do you mean you need to sit here to sew?  I'll turn my back and ignore you!

I hung it on the back of the chair while I made a cup of tea in an attempt to keep them off it.

Silly me, did I really think that would work?  Look who I found under it when I came back!
It makes a nice tent!

Then he pulled it all onto the floor and really didn't want to move!
I don't know how it ended up on the floor but I'll stay here anyway!

I hope this means that they approve of it and will sit on it when it's on the sofa.  Mind you that might be some time away at this rate - I've given up for now, admited defeat to the two feline helpers!


marigold jam said...

Love this post - it's so true of cats! Hope they will sit on it when it's on the settee!

Toffeeapple said...

They are the same with cardboard boxes too and paper bags. Sweet cats.

Jo said...

What a lovely quilt, and lovely cats too. Glad they approve.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

That is so funny! I wonder who's in charge here? Love the throw. Suzy x

Gilli said...

Beautiful cats and a very POSH cat cover - my two tabbies have knitted squares blankets on the sofa, which my Sparkey loves to make pattacake with. Lola prefers to lay on laps - anyone wearing jeans!!

Anna said...

Your throw has obviously passed stringent quality control tests Su. Hope it makes it to base eventually :)

Cottage Garden said...

Glad to see Florence & Dylan have successfully carried out a trial run of their super new throw!

Thank you Su for your lovely comment at mine.


Anesha said...

Love your furry helpers. They are adorable and very helpful. :)

driftwood said...

oh how I love your furry helpers! my two do all those things too, and also adore the ironing board and we get white fur on a navy sofa. thanks for visiting. x