Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is Springing!

I know it's not technically spring yet, but on a little wander down my garden this afternoon I found that as far as the plants are concerned then it is spring!

There are daffodils and primroses,

anenomes and hyacinth buds,

clematis buds and self sown hellebores,

 rhubarb shoots and chaenomeles blossom 

and a hotel for ladybirds!

I do so love this time of year, and hope that spring is springing in your gardens too.


Julie said...

The Spring is my favourite time too and your garden is looking beautiful. A lovely promise of joys to come.

Anna said...

Yes I think we can safely say that it has arrived Su and the temperatures forecast for the next few days should bring on a woosh of growth. What a cluster of ladybirds - have still to spot one here :)

elaine rickett said...

Something different to look forward to every day

marigold jam said...

All looking so very hopeful after the dull winter months isn't it?

Magic Cochin said...

I love all your photos but especially the ladybirds in the sage leaves. There's a similar ladybird hotel just outside my studio window - I can just see them from my desk :-)

The newts are in our pond but not that active yet... maybe at the weekend they'll be doing their flirting swimming!


Toffeeapple said...

What lovely images, I can hardly wait for spring to start in earnest.

LaziDazi said...

Lovely photos Su. x

Emma said...

Spring comes & goes but the daffs are hanging on ;) The ducks are going pretty crazy, too!

Boxoftrix said...

Love tne pictures of your garden coming to life, the buds are beautiful! ...and those ladybirds made me laugh. Our rhubarb is shooting up already too! we have been enjoying a couple of nice sunny days in our garden, with a feel of spring in the air.

Fleur Cotton said...

Oh that Ladybird photo is brilliant......I'm really wanting to knit something with ladybirds on it at the moment.

Fleur xx