Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Perfect Spring Day

It's been glorious weather here for the past few days and I've spent most of today in the garden, sowing seeds, tidying up beds, planting garlic and asparagus, but also just enjoying being out in the sunshine.
The viburnum looked gorgeous against the clear blue sky

The chaenomeles blossom is out

The bergenia is flowering away

And the spring bulbs are out in abundance

I also have a shiny new toy,

yes I bought myself an iPad last week! It's very very lovely, and was worth staying up until midnight to order the moment they went on sale! I'm using it to post this blogpost from, which is a bit different to using blogger, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. I think it's quite amazing how I took all these photos on my phone and they appeared, as if by magic, on the iPad! Ok, I know it's done via WiFi, but it's still flippin clever!
Hope you're all enjoying the spring weather too.


Toffeeapple said...

Lucky you to have a new toy, enjoy playing with it.

The weather has been superb, I hope it stays for a little longer.

It was so good to see you posting on Cottage Smallholder, do keep popping in.

elaine rickett said...

The weather has been great for a spot of gardening - just hope it keeps up - I love all the plants springing into life.

Miriam Weaver said...

They are so clever, my husband has an iPad. I've resisted using it so far, i know if I started using it he'd never get it back! So I make do with the lap top and my iPhone! Lovely photographs of your garden, it's so good to get some sunshine.

Boxoftrix said...

Beautiful flowers in your garden, like your shiny new toy! :)

Magic Cochin said...

I have iPad envy!

It is glorious isn't it!!! But I also noticed our Dragonfly Pond is shrinking each day as the water evapourates at this rate it will disappear before the dragonflies appear to lay their eggs.

Please can it rain a little bit (on days when I don't have time to work in the garden)


Cottage Garden said...

That is clever Su. I'm resisting the call...!

Gorgeous pictures. Isn't this weather lovely! However I'm with Celia on the rain thing. If only it would rain steadily through the night to refresh the garden and replenish the water butt! In an ideal world ...


Jo said...

Enjoy your new toy. It's amazing that we've got such blue skies yet it's still only March. I'm making the most of the gorgeous weather before it disappears again.