Friday, July 23, 2010


Today my waterlily opened.  Back in April I blogged about how I was hoping to avoid the thick green soup type of pond water and had bought a minature waterlily last year to try and provide the necessary shade.  The water is very clear this year so I'm guessing the waterlily shade has helped, although I suspect that the duckweed is also providing some necessary shade too!  I do skim it off regularly but it's a never completed job!  There are more buds, so I'm looking forward to many more weeks of blooms.
Nymphaea Walter Pagels

Sadly Dora died last week, but Nemo and Chilli are still happily enjoying each other's company and are swimming around under the lilypads.

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Maggie said...

I was glad to see the back of our pond, though I loved it when we installed it, and for the past few years. But of late it had been growing the horrible green algae, clear water was a thing of the past, and we spent a small fortune on products supposed to clear the green gunge. So the frogs were taken to a new home, the fish to another, the pond has been filled in and a bog garden created instead. I have a water feature separately now, so can still hear it, which I love.